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Arms Industries is an engineering, manufacturing, design and product development company located in Phoenix, Arizona. We can provide a turnkey solution, beginning with concept development through the design process, prototyping, tooling, and release to production. We invite you to explore our site to get a sense of the type of services we provide and see some examples of our work and those of previous clients.


Engineering Design

Designing Your Product and Exploring Manufacturing Feasibility

Engineering design refers to the process of designing and developing a product, assembly, or system to be produced and marketed for sale through a production manufacturing process. The fundamental elements of the design process include the establishment of objectives and criteria, synthesis, analysis, construction, testing and evaluation.

Arms Industries - Engineering Design Service

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Service

We offer capabilities to bring your project from concept to manufacturing. Our broad engineering expertise and access to the top of the line engineering tools allow us to cut down development time, reduce the number of costly prototype iterations, and generate an optimized design to give you a competitive edge.

Product Development

Product Development Service

Product development is a series of steps that includes the conceptualization, design, development and marketing of newly created or newly rebranded goods or services. The objective of product development is to cultivate, maintain and increase a company’s market share by satisfying a consumer demand.

Arms Industries - Product Development Services

Why Arms Industries?

When you work with us, you can count on personalized, one-on-one service every step of the way. We earn your trust by being responsive, intuitive and honest. We earn your respect by delivering on time and on budget. We built our reputation on exceptional customer service. Discover the difference it makes.

We Innovate for You

We’re a team of dreamers, thinkers and creators. We’re constantly evolving our products to reach even higher standards for design, quality, manufacturing, and environmental sustainability.

We Stand by Our Values

We care about the people we serve and the products we create. It stems from a set of uncompromising brand values that guide us in everything we do. It’s why we believe in people-first design, working collaboratively, and sweating the details so we can find new ways to transform the way you think, create and work.

Our Clients Are Happy

Nothing gives us greater pride than seeing our clients delighted with the work we’ve done together. Our case studies are solid proof of all the different ways we’ve transformed the way people collaborate, work, and succeed.