At Arms Industries, we are working on many exciting programs and developing cutting edge products and applications to meet the complex and evolving needs of our domestic and international customers. Due to the dynamic nature of today’s engineering and manufacturing industry, we will continue our commitment to innovation, development and production of tomorrows advanced lean manufacturing by aspiring to generate maximum benefit with minimum consumption of resources and minimum environmental impact.

Arms Industries takes a disciplined approach to company responsibility that aligns our business strategy with our many initiatives to protect the environment, support families and create stimulating career opportunities.


Our mission is to strengthen American manufacturing and create new private-sector jobs. We believe that an innovative and growing manufacturing base is vital to America’s economic security, as well as providing good jobs for future generations. Arms Industries is dedicated to our customers, distributors, employees and our country.

Arms Industries incorporates lean manufacturing principles into our production business model. This means we focus on eliminating waste and streamlining our processes to improve efficiency and deliver quality products at a lower cost. We are dedicated to continuous improvement in cost, quality, service and delivery.