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The Truth Behind US Military Recruiting Japanese Germ Warfare Scientists

The Truth Behind US Military

The Japanese government recently released the names of more than 3,000 former members of the infamous germ warfare unit of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA), which conducted heinous lethal experiments on innocent Chinese and Allied civilians during World War II. And with this”data dump” comes a fresh reminder as to the way the American government actually hired these war criminals, as well as folks the Nazi party, to grow its own space enter in the aftermath of the global conflict.

As organized in thorough detail by Brett Wilkins from Antiwar.com, United States authorities during the post-war occupation of Japan actually paid IJA war criminals huge amounts of money to express knowledge and also other secrets that have been gained from dissecting the bodies of live prisoners of war (POWs), as an example, along with through the a huge number of Chinese civilians who have been ruthlessly sprayed with bubonic plague along with other deadly diseases in IJA’s brutal chemical attack programs.

Founded in 1935, IJA’s notorious “Unit 731,” the entity responsible for these horrors, have been led by General Shiro Ishii, who worked as both a surgeon and a microbiologist. Under the leadership of Gen. Ishii, Unit 731 conducted horrible chemical as well as other medical experiments on captured Chinese, Soviet, and even some Western prisoners of war, and also on people in the area Japanese population. Just like the Nazis, Japanese doctors and scientists were introduced to commit these horrific crimes against humanity, and many of the findings were later published in peer-reviewed journals.

In an endeavor to stop major backlash, these Nazi equivalents in Japan known their human subjects as “logs” or “Manchurian monkeys” of their scientific papers. But we now know the subjects were men, women, and children of all ages, “a large number of whom were dissected alive, often without anesthesia,” Wilkins writes. Many of those who survived these atrocities suffered horrible infections, lost limbs (or had limbs reattached inside wrong places), were exposed to lethally cold temperatures, and were even subjected “to flamethrower and bomb testing.”

“Others were injected with animal blood, spun to death in centrifuges, killed in pressure chambers, encountered with lethal radiation doses and burned or buried alive,” writes Wilkins. “Many females and girls were raped and instructed to become pregnant so researchers could vivisect them along with their unborn fetuses. Unit 731 members contaminated lots of wells in Harbin with typhoid, sprayed plague-infested fleas from airplanes and fed anthrax-dosed chocolates to hungry children.”

Many American soldiers were similarly tortured and killed, we now know. In one in the last such atrocities that people possess a record of, nine captured U.S. airmen actually had their vital organs removed and were subsequently pumped filled with saltwater, every one of them previously being tricked into believing that their torturers were “medical practitioners” who were there to help them in lieu of hurt them.

Some from the airmen had their lungs removed as a way to study the effects of surgery about the the respiratory system, although some had their skulls drilled in addition to their brains partially removed so that you can decide if or not epilepsy can usually be treated with “brain exercises.” And in some cases, those these experiments from Unit 731 actually ate the dissected organs like cannibals.

“The prisoners thought we had arrived doctors,” recalls Dr. Toshio Tono, one in the “medical assistants” that has since come toward admit that they helped Unit 100, a joint venture partner of Unit 731, commit these horrible acts against other individuals. “They could see our white smocks so that they didn’t struggle. They never dreamed they might be dissected.”


Operation Paperclip: when America hired Nazi war criminals to enrich and expand the United States military-industrial complex


Unit 731 went to great lengths as soon as the war to try to conceal these as well as other crimes, with Gen. Ishii ordering them “to make secret to the grave.” Even Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Douglas MacArthur helped to pay for for Unit 731, secretly granting them immunity from these war crimes and also paying them for secrets how the American govt would use later to flourish a unique strategic military advantage.

As Wilkins explains, America’s special treatment from the Unit 731 war criminals mirrored that regarding Nazi war criminals, many of whom got a no cost pass after World War II in return for enhancing the U.S. to formulate new military weapons, fighter jets, and even spacecraft to the Apollo moon landings.

“Too ‘moral’ to conduct such ghastly research on its, the United States embraced defeated German and Japanese doctors who intentionally drowned, gassed, suffocated, froze, burned, poisoned, infected, shot, stabbed and dissected living men, females and children to death to advance a unique weapons of mass destruction programs,” Wilkins writes.

“Sleeping with such enemies certainly birthed such great successes as better jet fighters and also the Apollo moon landings, however, inside a few short years in addition, it produced more sinister offspring including the mind control experiments of projects Bluebird, Artichoke and MK-ULTRA, and the aerial spraying of chemical and biowarfare agents over both America’s enemies along with its cities, military personnel and even its children.”

Operation Paperclip could be the official name with the secret mission that, as revealed by Business Insider, facilitated much of this. The American government gathered as much former Nazi scientists as it may and, in lieu of prosecute or execute them for his or her crimes, actually hired the crooks to perform secret jobs for the U.S. military-industrial complex. Though a lot of these war criminals were outed as such in the Nuremberg trials, our personal government whitewashed as much from the truth in the official record as is possible as a way to gain an upper hand militarily from the Soviet Union.

Included on the list of ranks of those Nazis have been taken in with the U.S. is the infamous Wernher von Braun, who worked as the chief developer of the V-2 rocket, the 1st ballistic missile ever created. Von Braun would eventually be hired under Operation Paperclip because the director in the Development Operations Division of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency. He also developed the Jupiter-C rocket, that was used to launch America’s first satellite.

Another former Nazi who contributed to America’s “space race” was Konrad Dannenberg, who worked closely with von Braun to develop the V-2 rocket, in addition to launch the first object ever being place in space by humans. Even after Operation Paperclip officially ended, Dannenberg was helping the U.S. government to generate rocket engines, missiles, as well as other weapons of war, lots of which will probably always be used during WWIII.

And let’s remember Walter Robert Dornberger, a part of the Third Reich who reportedly had personal experience of Adolph Hitler throughout WWII. Before being hired by the U.S. government to formulate guided missiles to the U.S. military, Dornerberger was developing rockets and also other weapons for your Nazis. Dornberger would eventually become vp with the Bell Aircraft Corporation in the U.S., where he helped to produce the “Bell’s Rascal,” the 1st guided nuclear air-to-surface missile.

“While many with the men who have been brought towards the U.S. under the program were undoubtedly instrumental in scientific advancements much like the Apollo program, they were also supportive and to blame for some in the horrors seen by victims with the Holocaust,” writes Danny Lewis for Smithsonian Magazine. “Operation Paperclip has certainly left a questionable legacy.”

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