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Marines Adopt Army’s Newest Sig Sauer Pistol

Marines Adopt Army's

The Army’s 101st Airborne Division was the first one to get its hands on the Sig Sauer M17 Pistol. If the Marine Corps’ budget request the coming year is approved, it’ll begin replacing nearly its entire stock of handguns using the Army’s newest pistol.

The Modular Handgun System, a weapon system that includes both the M17 and M18 handguns, holster and 2 21-round magazines and something 17-round magazines, was initially fielded by the Army’s 101st Airborne Division soldiers late a year ago. The Army chose the Sig Sauer 9mm pistol in January 2017 over Glock and also other competitors.

First reported by Soldier Systems, the procurement states the explanation for buying the handgun as it is going to be “more affordable and efficient pistol for maintenance. The MHS also provides modularity and greater shooter ergonomics within the current models.”

The Corps offers to purchase 35,000 pistols at $180 a pop, which may begin as early as October, based on the budget document.

Marine Corps Systems Command declined to discuss the requested purchase.

The modularity includes three different handgrips that could be swapped by the user or perhaps an armorer. The system boasts a built-in rail and slide mount for the sighting system, each of which require modifications to the M9.

The Sig could be the first new service wide handgun to become fielded through the Army in more than thirty years, if the M9 Beretta handgun took the place from the 1911A1 .45 caliber handgun which in fact had served since World War I.

It won the 10-year, $580 million contract to create at least 200,000 handguns for the Army. The Navy has previously announced it might acquire 61,000 with the M18s and the Air Force said it could buy 130,000 MHS systems.

The M17 version will be the standard sized 9mm pistol and also the M18 is often a compact version, typically utilized by military police, criminal investigators or any other duties that may desire a concealed option.

The Marines bought the Glock 9mm last year for fielding such positions, dubbing it the M007. The MHS procurement would replace the Glock, M9 as well as the 1911 variants inside arsenal for all those but select units for example the Marine Special Operations Command Raiders.

The Defense Department budget estimate has requested $28.3 million for its “Family of Infantry Weapons Systems” to include or replace certain weapons.

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