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Missile Defense Review Expected in May

Missile Defense Review Expected

The Trump administration’s overview of America’s missile defense capabilities is currently anticipated to be released in May.

The Missile Defense Review, a technique document built to have a holistic view of America’s missile defense posture, was anticipated to be released in February. But finally, it seems like the document is nearing completion.

Pentagon spokesman Tom Crosson, responding for an inquiry, asserted the review is “currently in development” understanding that “we expect you’ll release the review sometime next month.” The review is likely to be unclassified.

The review is part of an series of big-picture strategic documents that started with all the December release of the National Security Strategy, as well as the January discharge of the National Defense Strategy, and continued with February’s Nuclear Posture Review.

Notably, the review was originally positioned as being a “ballistic missile defense review,” however the term ballistic has since been dropped by the Trump administration, something Tom Karako, a missile defense expert using the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said would be a wise choice.

“The idea that the administration has dropped ‘ballistic’ through the review’s title indicates the document probably will employ a wider lens,” Karako wrote in a CSIS analysis Friday. “This could include a robust effort to higher defend against Russian and Chinese cruise missiles, other maneuvering endo-atmospheric threats like hypersonic boost-glide vehicles (HGVs), and advanced short-range ballistic missiles.”

Although no-one has spelled out the direction in the review, there have been some hints given about in which the administration offers to take missile defense. The FY19 budget request the Missile Defense Agency, as an illustration, increased by $2 billion from previous funding levels, by having an express concentrate on defeating a missile threat from North Korea. And Michael Griffin, the Pentagon’s new head of research and engineering, has expressed support for purchasing airborne missile defense capabilities.

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