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Arms Industries

As global threats and challenges continue to rise, the security of America has become a formidable challenge. In identifying these challenges, state and federal governments are urged to address new combatant requirements. In an effort to mitigate extraordinarily high operational tempo on military and law enforcement agency personnel, gear and weapons, as well as the technological challenges of countering asymmetric threats, Arms Industries™ remains committed to offering the best next generation warfare and military operation weapons and accessories using state of the art CNC and CAD-CAM technology.
Arms Industries™ is firmly committed to the innovation, development and production of tomorrows advanced, high-performance firearms. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we stand behind our products with a “No Hassle” limited lifetime warranty and exceptional customer service.

The extensive real-world field testing and evaluation of our Professional Series advanced weapons replace the obsolete Mil-Spec technology by offering advanced features, improved design, tighter tolerances, enhanced reliability and accuracy, and a more versatile land warfare weapon system to protect and enhance the technological advantages that are paramount to our U.S. military, law enforcement and national security. Our products are tested and manufactured right here in the U.S.A. to withstand the rigors of land warfare, and are specifically designed to be what a combat weapon should be.

Arms Industries

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