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AWC Silencers | Arms Industries


AWC is, as it always was, one of America’s oldest, most respected purveyors of suppressors and tactical weaponry. Having spent the last 30 years building high-quality products to a remarkably broad spectrum of shooters and clientele, we can say that we’ve literally seen it all. Many of the technologies that are commonly used in suppressed weapons were pioneered and developed by AWC Systems Technology.

As one of the oldest and most experienced shops in the United States, AWC Systech has provided suppressed weapon systems to U.S. military including Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. We have supplied Special Forces and Counter-Terrorism units throughout Europe, Central America, Asia, and the Middle East with the tools they need to accomplish their missions safely. A wide variety of local, state, and federal Law Enforcement, Wildlife, and Government agencies depend on the quality and durability AWC suppressors are known for.


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