The four pillars of Arms Industries Sustanability

Arms Industries is committed to working together as a company and with our partners to ensure that we have a cleaner, stronger, more beautiful and sustainable world for future generations. We take responsibility of our sustainable manufacturing from beginning to end. Not only do we address the lean manufacturing waste that results from producing our products, but we are also committed to doing business with the highest ethical standards and providing the safest working environment we can for associates.


We integrate principles of sustainability into the design of our products, processes and services through their entire life cycle.


We optimize environmental performance throughout the value chain by engaging in responsible resource management.


We collaborate with suppliers, industry, customers, academia, and communities to develop and deploy sustainable solutions.


We empower our employees and partners to work and live sustainably.


Arms Industries is committed to improving sustainability, using natural resources responsibly, reducing the impact of our operations and eliminating waste. We focus our work on waste reduction and diversion, reducing our energy and climate impacts, and increasing water efficiency.


Sales growth


Prototyping & manufacturing


More employees next year

Transparency and

A hallmark of our program is a dedication to increasing transparency around the impact of our global operations as we continue to grow a sustainable business.