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Turkish and Ukrainian Finalize Program for Co-Production An-188

Turkish and Ukrainian Finalize

Discussions are ongoing between Turkey and Ukraine, focusing on what each country’s industries would take up in the potential aircraft co-production effort, including technology transfer, licensing and export rights.

Turkish and Ukrainian aerospace and procurement officials finalize a plan for the co-production of An-188 military transport aircraft.

“Talks happen to be ongoing during the last couple of years,” a Turkish aerospace official said. “We are hoping to create quicker progress next year.”

Antonov, maker from the An-188 and part with the Ukrainian aerospace holding group Ukroboronprom, showcased the aircraft on the 2018 aerospace exhibition Eurasia Airshow in Antalya, Turkey, from April 25-28. The air show was the 1st exhibition where Antonov unveiled the new An-188 short takeoff and landing aircraft.

A Turkish procurement official said discussions dedicated to what each country’s industries would take up, work share, technology transfer and know-how, licensing, and exports to other countries.

“That constitutes a big list of topics, but there is intention to go ahead for both Ukraine and Turkey,” the state run said. “Also, there is certainly political support in the partner countries.”

For any co-production deal to go ahead, the aircraft have to be delivered to full compliance with NATO standards, Turkish officials said.

The An-188-100 is going to be built with four D-436-148FM three-shaft high-bypass turbofan engines developed by the Ukrainian company Ivchenko-Progress.

The variant with four AI-28 new-generation engines also manufactured by Ivchenko-Progress will likely be referred to as An-188-110. And An-188-120 will likely be furnished with four LEAP high-bypass turbofan aircraft engines manufactured by CFM International.

Antonov officials said many new aircraft from the An-188 family would be capable of basing on different airfields, including airstrips, in addition to landing on short runways of only 600-800 meters in total.

The aircraft may have an advanced glass cockpit using the latest flight navigation and communication equipment. The An-188 includes a flight distance of up to 7,700 kilometers, a cruising altitude all the way to 12,100 meters plus a speed up to 800 kph depending on aircraft and engine type and variant.

The An-188 can carry around 50 tons of military equipment, including construction equipment, helicopters, infantry combat vehicles.

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